Poppin' Pests Invasion

Poppin' P.E.S.T.S Invasion
Franchise Opportunity

BLAM's team has been developing apps for mobile phones since smart phones first changed the world back in 2009. With all the experience of this fast passed business this talented team have turned their attention to taking the mobile gaming market by storm. Their latest title Poppin' P.E.S.T.S Invasion has been built with the sole intention of providing users with an addictive, fast moving fun game "poppin" the alien invasion force that has laid dormant beneath our feet for millions of years.

This opportunity leverages the power of franchising to promote the game to a worldwide audience, helping drive the success of the game and providing potentially high returns for franchisees managing their own online account.

As a franchisee you design and build your own invading robot and see it pop up in the levels within the game. Returns are made as players make In App Purchases, and franchisees can drive players to the game using a unique sharing and social media protocol designed especially for Poppin' P.E.S.T.S Invasion franchisees.
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